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"If there's one thing that computers do well, it's to make the same mistake uncountable times at inhuman speed."
(Peter Coffee)
Found by Fran and is her current favourite

Essentials - Anti Spyware

A selection of essential anti spyware tools

  • Anti Spyware software (Free for personal home use)

    Adaware Se (made by Lavasoft.de)
    This is quite an effective cleaner of spyware and other little horrors that can lurk in the dark recesses of your machine. We use it in conjunction with Spybot SD (see below) scan regularly with this tool, and don't forget to update the software (preferably each time you go on the Internet). To get your copy
    Click here
    This will take you to the download site for the free version.

    Should you wish to buy a copy of Adaware SE with the Adwatch system that actively protects your system
    Click here

    SpyBot SD (made by Safer Networking)
    Spybot SD has a few more tools than Adaware SE, but they compliment each other well. So we recommend that you have both on your system. As with Adaware, update regularly, and scan your system regularly. When installing Spybot Sd it will ask if you want to install Teatimer make sure its box is ticked.
    To get your Free copy Click Click Here

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