Union Jack





"If there's one thing that computers do well, it's to make the same mistake uncountable times at inhuman speed."
(Peter Coffee)

Found by Fran
and is her current favourite

Friends & Clients

  • Daelnet
    (The Gateway to the Dales)

    e-mail : info@daelnet.co.uk
    Website: www.daelnet.co.uk

  • DD-Sounds - Dave Dean
    (Great singer)
    email : info@dd-sounds.com
    Website: www.dd-sounds.com

  • The Carningli Centre
    (Antiques & Restoration)

    e-mail : info@carningli.co.uk
    Website : www.carningli.co.uk

  • The Lucet Co
    (Advanced Luceting - facinating craft!)

    e-mail : info@thelucet.co.uk
    Website : www.thelucet.co.uk

  • Hellifield Highland Beef
    (Gorgeous meat - we know! )
    Hellifield highland Beef
    Green Farm
    North Yorkshire
    BD23 4LA

    Website : www.hellifieldhighlandbeef.co.uk

  • Smiths Autocycles
    (Autocycles from 1910 onwards both
    For Sale and Archive pictures)

    Website :www.autocycles.co.uk

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