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"If there's one thing that computers do well, it's to make the same mistake uncountable times at inhuman speed."
(Peter Coffee)

Found by Fran and is her current favourite.

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AUK2000 - Software

Sales, Invoice & Database System - Selling On The Move
With eleven years of development & feedback from hundreds of users, we think this software package is the best software for selling anything off vans, or for any small supplier for that matter, we use it ourselves,of course. The software is fast (even in XP) keyboard driven (No mouse, or trackpad), has a small footprint, and creates approximately 5MB/year of data, which has made the small cheap USB keys the perfect backup device.

The software briefly consists of the following.....
  • Invoicing system
    including, customer orders, non stock items, reminders, quotes, etc.

  • Stock database system
    Stock levels, stock orders and re-orders, stock control.

  • Comprehensive Reporting system
    Daily and weekly reports, includes sales, receipts, period totals and lots more

  • Customer database
    Including customer accounts, bad debtors, daily round

Some questions for you
  • Do you have Sales software that expects you to have a degree in computer wizardry? - Our software doesn't do that!

  • Do you spend time leafing through catalogues when a customer wants a price, instead of increasing your sales volume? - Our software helps to stop that!

  • Do you have problems with bits of paper, and keeping track of your stock and customers payments? - Our software stops that!

  • Do you spend your evenings at home, or your hard earned day of rest, sorting out the paperwork until late, instead of having time for your family or friends? - Our software helps to stop that!

  • In fact do you want to save up to 12 hours a week as others have done? - Our software does that!

Like most people trying to make a living in sales you probably waste a considerable amount of time dealing with these and many other problems instead of doing what your good at "Selling!". If this sounds like a package that can help you and your business, give us a call on 01729850824 or email us at info@auk2000.co.uk
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