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!VAT Change!

"In Setup Press F2
in the box where it says 17.5 type 20.0

Press F10 twice. Come out of the software and back into setup and check if it has kept your changes"

About us

AUK2000 is a small company based in North Yorkshire, originally formed in 1992, as a platform for software development and systems supply.

We specialise in developing tailor-made software solutions for small businesses, and sole traders. 

Our company policy, has always been that a business, however small, has a far better idea of how their software should work, and therefore we have always written software that responds precisely to the user's exact requirements, as identified by the user. We think this policy works rather well.

So if you are a retailer on the road, have a look at our software link as the software described there has been designed, just with you in mind!


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Other items to be found on our website.

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